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Povarovo – Tchernovik

14 februari 2012 by Stefan in Music reviews Ambient

Rating: 8 out of 10
Release date: 17/02/2012
Website band: Facebook
Website label: Denovali Records
Line up



While i’m not a big fan of anything that has something to do with jazz i must admit that the Russian ensemble Povarovo kinda surprised me with their ambient darkjazz album “Tchernovik”. If you’re looking for the perfect music to be played at romantic candlelight while the end of the world is near, this is it.

Probably the reason why i like it lies in the reason that the jazz elements are not that dominating on “Tchernovik”. The album has a dark and obscure mood and is really easy listening without the disturbing facts which often dominates the ambient genre, so to say, the spooky or industrial elements. Povarovo is able to create something intriguing and beautiful out of the songs and while their is no vocalist present in the line up of Povarovo the music still seems to tell a story, a romantic and a bit nihilistic story.

With influences from The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble the Russian group mixed ideas from already existing darkjazz with neoclassical elements and some traditional Russian music. It gives 15 tracks of some moody and dark melancholy put to music. Or as their biography says, ‘from a light and cloudy bloom to a dark and sad wilting’. I can’t describe it any better.

The album was already released back in 2008 but is now re-issued and also available on vinyl.

01 Nothing Going
02 Dumb And Short
03 After Breake
04 Methro Nome
05 Hopen Dead
06 Newborn
07 Ronald
08 My Song 2224

09 Pro Romance
10 Faq Short
11 J.S. Bach
12 66 Breath
13 Never Boiler
14 Black Powder
15 Un Der Mike

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