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A little to late for christmas but here is the recipe for some vegan food

28 december 2011 by Stefan in Funny

The vegan black metal chef delivers again with his sixth recipe.

The chef comments:
“Before you give me any shit about Tofurkey, know this. Their original product “the roast” is fucking amazing (especially with the gravy you will learn to make in this video). All of Tofurkey’s other products just give the roast a bad name in my opinion. Do not judge the roast on the slices – they are different, or the hot dog/sausage like things – they are all different and kinda tasteless to me. The roast is total fucking win (make your own stuffing… the stuffing inside is pretty good, but pepperidge farm stuffing out of the bag is better with just some vegetable broth and earth balance or other butter substitue) I know holiday is spelt wrong… Who gives a fuck seriously.”


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